About Us

Azzalia is a high-end, luxury fashion brand, specializing in couture abayas, gowns, and evening-wear and ready-to-wear line. The brand consists of quality pieces, that are a blend of modernelegance and classic luxury. Azzalia emphasizes the importance of utilizing the best quality of fabrics, the latest embroidery techniques, the craft of tailoring, and the most innovative approaches to design and production.

The brand is founded by Sheikha Amal Al Maktoum, the Creative Director. The name is derived from a combination of the names of her two daughters: Azza and Alia. Additionally, the combination of the names forms a homonym for the 'Azalea' flower. Flowers provide a great deal of inspiration, not just in the name of the brand, but also the approach to design, using natural materials and couture sewing techniques. 
With years of passion and experience behind Azzalia, the Founder has created a brand that encapsulates the spirit of luxury, opulence, and grandeur.